Immature Red-tailed Hawk
Monday Holiday - Birds and Racoons

Locust Grove

While exiting the park, I went through the Locust Grove.  I got to see two Red-tailed Hawks and the Locust Grove's Red Squirrel.

A Red-tailed Hawk flew quickly through the Locust Grove, stopping in an evergreen just long enough for me to get one picture.  It left quickly with another Red-tail heading north. Too quickly, for me to I.D. either of them.



I'm a little concerned about the Red Squirrel.  Someone had left a large amount of bird seed and a large number of nuts below his tree.  This only made him need to defend his territory against the gray squirrels in the neighborhood.  It's not a pet.  I don't think it needs to be fed.

The bird feed had attracted a large number of birds, who in turn most likely attracted the Red-tailed Hawk.  It would be unpleasant, if outcome of all this "helpful" feeding, would be that the Red Squirrel got eaten by a raptor!