Locust Grove
Monday Holiday - Red-tailed Hawk in the Loch

Monday Holiday - Birds and Racoons

I spent the afternoon in the park, starting at 105th and Fifth, first exploring the Conservatory Garden (which I discovered has two stray cats living in the snow), the Meer and the Loch.   I then went down to 79th and explored the Ramble.

I had planned my day to look for owls of any kind.  So, it was a hunt for tree cavities (Eastern Screech Owls) (where did the 5 Eastern Screech Owls we saw in the Spring go?), in bushes (Northern Saw-whet Owls), and Evergreens (Long-eared Owls).  I didn't have any luck.  My only owl of the day was the Great Horned Owl, who had returned to the tree it had used earlier in the week.

As often happens with birding, I saw interesting things I wasn't looking for...

Like this raccoon den in the Loch, which for the first time revealed to me that it is home to not one, but at least two, raccoons.

This Hermit Thrush eating berries on a tree branch rather than being on the ground.

This Fox Sparrow, a new bird for my Central Park list.

This Rusty Blackbird, another new bird for my Central Park list.