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Sunday, April 1st

Chris was the only one watching the owls this evening and sent this great report:

"Well, I screwed around with e-mail after sending that message to you all, got out late with the dog and was rewarded for my tardiness --I found the nest cavity.

The female and the fledge came out of a *very* small hole near the lamp post at about 7:12. 

I was walking by with the dog, scouting tree branches when a little gray fluffball poking its nose around caught my eye.   The mother and fledge took turns peeking out of the hole from about 7:10 -- they must have been standing on each others heads or something  --  then flew out to the tree near where the third chick was rescued by Barbara and Carolyn. 

There they were greeted by the male who was roosting or in another cavity.  He flew upwards, from the left, responding to the same haunting percussive calls of the female we heard Friday night -- and attempted to copulate with her.  He didn't get a good hold and dropped off after a brief moment.  They all flew off very quickly at about 7:20 towards the Friday night 'sex tree' but I lost them and didn't make much effort to find them. 

It really is cold and damp.

They're still in a cavity!

Chris and Fig.

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