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Thurday, May 10th

There were none of the regulars this evening, but we Jonathan, Barrie, her husband, and others as owl watchers.

It was a confusing fly out.  Only one owl was visible in the Willow, but it appeared that three flew out.  I think they've found spots on the back side of the Willow, which we can't see from the shore of the Pool.  The owls flew out in time to raise concern from the numerous Robins in the area.

Then as it got darker, the Robins went to sleep and all was quiet. The owls flew from tree to tree, clockwise around pool ending up in low trees around swampy area with rustic walk bridge.  We got to see some more head rubbing.  I think the parents are starting to tell their teenager to be prepared to move out soon.


Yes, the raccoon did drag the whole bag up the tree from a trash can before opening it!







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