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Sunday, 2-15-09 - North Woods

Both owls were vocal this evening, with the male singing his trill and the female her whinny.  They copulated twice, so spring can't be that far away.

The Hovarth family was watching the owls this evening.  They were thrilled to see one of their owls doing so well back in the wild.  When they release most of their birds, they end up flying off never to be seen again, so this was a special experience for them.

I learned that our red male had hit a car, and ended up caught on the car's windshield wiper before being brought to the Hovarths.

The first four photographs are of the male, and the rest are of the female.

Click play to hear the owls calling.  The trill sound is the male's, and the whinny sound is the female's.









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