Sunday Birding
Pale Male Brings Lola Take-Out

East Harlem Red-Tailed Hawks

While birding on the shore of the Harlem Meer in Central Park, I saw a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks flying over East Harlem on Sunday afternoon.  They flew progressively higher until I lost sight of them.  They appeared to be flying over the housing developments that are bounded by Lenox Avenue, 1st Avenue, 112th and 115th Streets. 

When I got home, I looked up the area on Google Earth and found that this is a strip of green that runs to the East River with Wards Island/Randalls Island across the river.  What a great territory that would make for a Red-tailed Hawk pair.  Especially if it also included Marcus Garvey Memorial Park and the area around the 125th Street Metro North Station.

Or is this just the eastern territory of a Morningside Park Red-tailed Hawk pair?  Or the northern territory of a Central Park North Meadow pair?

Harlem's Red-tailed population confuses the heck out of me!