Pale Male Brings Lola Take-Out
5th Avenue Hawks

Nest Building On C.P.S.

After arriving at Central Park South around 2:15 p.m. on President's Day, it took me awhile to find our two Trump Parc Red-tailed Hawks.  I finally found them both on the northeast corner of the Trump International Hotel and Towers, at 61st and Central Park West.

Charlotte is on the left, Junior on the right.

Junior, the male leaves the building.

Charlotte, the female moves twenty feet south on the Trump International.

Charlotte then moves to the eastern Hampshire House chimney.

Junior reappears and dives down near the restrooms at 61st and Central Park West.  I rush over from 7th Avenue to find him, but when I got over to Central Park West, he was already soaring and gaining altitude.  I though he had been hunting, but discover that instead he has torn off a tree branch.

The branch gets placed on the nest.

The couple is then reunited on the Hampshire House chimney.

Spring is in the air.