Kestrel Kamikazi
Young Raccoon Near The Hawk Bench

Lola Goes Into Overtime

I'm late, I'm late
For a very important date
No time to say "Hello", "Goodbye"
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late

I run and then I hop hop hop. I wish that I could fly. There’s danger if I dare to stop, and here’s the reason why

You see, I’m overdue, I’m in a rabbit stew. Can’t even say goodbye, hello
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late

Lyrics from I'm Late from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.


Lola has been sitting on her nest longer than any successful year.  In years past she has sat on the nest anywhere between 35-41 days before her eggs hatched.  This could be a sign of another failure, or just a fluke.   Since the Fifth Avenue hawk watchers can't tell when eggs are laid, they count from when the female starts to stay on the nest.  It's possible, especially with a recently rebuilt nest, that she just started sitting on the nest without eggs earlier and all is fine.