Watching Paint Dry
Sunday After The Rain

Doing The Math On Central Park South

Doing the math, I'm concerned about the Trump Parc nest.  Given when the first egg was discovered and padding very generously for delayed incubation and hatching this is the time line:

First egg discovered, March 13
Possible delay of incubation, add 2 days, March 15
Incubation takes 28-35 Days, add 35 days, April 19
Hatching, up to 4 days, add 4 days, April 23

This is the most generous timeline I can create, 41 days.  Given that no one has seen chicks yet, I think we should prepare ourselves for a negative outcome with this first set of eggs.

It rained most of the day in New York City on Saturday. The photographs below are from Saturday afternoon between 1:45 and 2:45 during a break in the weather. 

Charlotte on the NE roof edge of the Hampshire House.

Charlotte on the roof of 116 Central Park West, which was a construction site last year.

Charlotte back on Hampshire House.


0422065rte return to...

...the nest.

Junior appears from the back of the nest...

...and quickly flies off.  Charlotte then rapidly moves to the back of the nest and settles in.