Fledge Day
I Won't Grow Up!

1 Down, 1 To Go

After work I made my way up to the Cathedral, and I was delighted to see so many friends from the 5th Avenue and Central Park South nests mingling with the locals from Morningside Heights.

Almost as soon as I arrived the fledgling left a tree and moved onto an angel statue at the top of the St. Savior Chapel roof.





The fledgling's sibling is still on the nest.

Ellen Rockmuller reports seeing two eyasses in the nest early Monday morning (90% certainty), so it's likely the fledgling returned to the nest to sleep last night.

The father leaves a nearby tree and moves to a favorite St. Luke's perch.

The mother after flying to the St. Luke's building at 114th Street, returns to the nest.

There's a bird foot on the prey.  Is it part of a pigeon?

The fledgling moves to a London Plane.  It is almost impossible to see.

The father flies into the same tree.

Another shot of the father.

The mother leaves the nest and makes a sweep south before returning to a tree near the fledgling.

She then moves to a cross on the east end of the St. Savior chapel roof.

When I left after 8 p.m. the fledgling was in a tree close to the nest, the eyas was still on the nest, the adult male was in the same tree and the adult female was on the St. Savior chapel cross.