Relaxing On A Hot Day
Lazy Summer Afternoon

A Fledgling Goes To School

Up at the Cathedral this evening, we got to see both of the parents and at least one of the fledglings.

The adult female on a cross on the edge of the St. Savior chapel.

The adult female from another angle.

A fledgling on the roof of the St. Martin chapel.

The adult male arrives and stays briefly on the Archangel Gabriel.  He heads off towards Central Park after about fifteen minutes.

The fledgling preens for awhile...

...before moving back and forth from one corner to another...

...and after a few minutes flies to the Cathedral School building.  When it moves to the Cathedral building it appears to land perfectly.  Another hawk follows, and it misses the roof and glides down a step slate roof to a gutter and stays out of sight.  We think we've seen two fledglings but can't be sure.  The mother had left the cross on the St. Savior chapel and one of the hawks could have been her.

We walk around the Cathedral, and find the adult female on a water tank on South 110th.

We walk around to Amsterdam and into the Cathedral grounds.  Walking behind the school building we find a fledgling on the gutter it slid into earlier.

As we leave the Cathedral grounds, the adult female has returned to the Archangel Gabriel.