Rainy Saturday
Sunday Afternoon at Morningside Park

St. John Fledgling

On late Saturday afternoon, there was a break between rain storms to go up to St. John the Divine.  The fledglings are now good fliers, so finding them is difficult.  I found one at the top of a tree 20 feet inside Morningside park, east of the nest site on the Cathedral.


While looking for the second fledgling, I saw one of the fledglings, not sure which one,  soaring from 110th Street up to 118th Street above Morningside Drive.  It was an impressive sight. 

Last year, the Central Park South fledglings learned to hunt before they took off and started to soar high with their father staying close by.  So, I wasn't expecting to see a high flying St. John the Divine fledgling flying this high so early on.  I keep being reminded that each nest and fledgling is different.