Green Heron Chick
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Green Herons Have Grown Up Fast

My knee is improving, so I went into Central Park for the first time in about two weeks.  The fall migration has started and warblers are starting to return to the park.  In my brief outing in the park, I saw a Yellow Warbler, an American Redstart and two Northern Waterthrushes.

The Green Heron young have left the nest, and I found two of them feeding with a parent in a tree 20 feet south of the nest and along the shoreline of the lake.  Having been away for two weeks, I'm not sure if we've lost another young heron, or if one of the birds has already fledged and has begun to feed on its own.

Adult flying in to feed the young.

Adult in the middle with fledgling below and one just visible behind the adult.

Adult in the center.

Adult on left.