Fifth Avenue Brooding Begins
Saturday at the Oven and the Fifth Avenue Nest

Early Wednesday Evening on 5th Avenue

I arrived a little after 6 p.m. to find that Pale Male had just come in to give Lola a break.

Lola and Pale Male

Pale Male sits on the nest.

An unknown hawk (species unclear, but most likely a Red-Shouldered Hawk) appeared and disappeared quite quickly.

Lola had settled onto the top edge of a building two blocks north of the nest.  The unknown hawk came and left so quickly that she did nothing.

Lola returned to the nest and Pale Male immediately left.  It was like tag team wrestling.

Pale Male taking out the trash.

I couldn't tell what it had been.  Pale Male went up to Cedar Hill and made his way back to one of his favorite trees to roost for the evening.

Lola, who you can't really see, all settled in for the evening.