Saturday Marathon
Say it isn't so...

Saturday Hawks

On Saturday, I went to see Pale Male and our 86th Street hawk.

Pale Male was in a tree off the East Drive, having a late lunch.



He then moved to a tree on the path that goes west of the Boat House.  After ten minutes, he moved north, making lots of circles to gain height.  I lost him as he moved above 79th Street.

After a stop on the Reservoir, which had gulls, geese, American Coots, American Black Ducks, Mallards, Hooded Mergansers, Buffleheads and an American Crow, it was off to see our 86th Street Hawk.

Two interlopers arrived.  One Red-tailed Hawk, which I didn't photograph went west at about 96th Street.  This hawk, who may have been chasing the first hawk out of its territory, landed on the south tower of El Dorado...

Before taking off, going down Central Park South, before heading back west at around 83rd.  There are reports of four Red-tailed being seen on Riverside Drive.  I wonder if we have a pair or two, either here for the winter or who are planning on nesting on the west side?

I wouldn't doubt that this spring, there is a new nesting pair discovered in Manhattan, either by Gracie Mansion, in Highbridge Park, or along Riverside Drive.

Our 86th Street hawk moved around a bit, but seemed undisturbed by the two visiting hawks.

She stayed in a tree near the West Drive as it got too dark to continue to photograph.