Waiting, Waiting, Waiting
Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk Babies

Day 41 on 5th Avenue

After two years of nest failures on 5th Avenue, all eyes are on the hawk nest to see if there are any signs of hatching. 

James Lewis has been keeping track of Pale Male and his mates for years and has compiled a chart of dates.  Since it is impossible to tell when the eggs are actually laid, Jim has measured the date between the first night the female hawk overnights on the nest and the day an egg hatches. This date range has been between 35 and 41 days for the nest site.

According to Lincoln Karim's Pale Male website, Lola spent her first night on the nest on March 9th.  This would have made April 19th the 41st day. 

But Lincoln Karim, also observed that Lola, may not have stayed overnight on the nest on March 10th.  So the start date may be the 10th or 11th of May.

So, expect large crowds of nervous hawk watchers this weekend at the Model Boat Pond.

The pictures below are from Friday evening.  Pale Male was on nest, and the pictures are of Lola returning and Pale Male leaving and going off to his favorite Met security camera.