Green-Wood on Memorial Day
Fordham University, Bronx, New York

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

I asked Rob Jett, who has one of the best birding blogs on the Internet, City Birder, if he would give directions to the Prospect Park nest.  He said sure, but that he would need to take me in person.

Once he took me, I understood why.  There are only two small windows, from two locations to see the nest.  The nest is in the center of this photograph.

One eyas was partially visible when we arrived.

We went to the alternate viewing location and couldn't see any activity, so we returned to the original spot.

There are two eyasses on the nest.  One on the far left partially obscured by the large branch and a second eyas on the right.

Here the eyas on the left has moved slightly, and the one on the right has its eye closed.

City nests on buildings are looking more and more wonderful everyday.  These tree nests are too hard to photograph!

Another shot of the duo.

A solo shot of the one that had been on the right.

These two eyasses bring the eyasses I've seen in person and photographed to 14 for the season!  All on one Metrocard.

Location        No.
Inwood Hill2
Highbridge Park3
St. John the Divine3
Astoria Park, Queens2
Green-Wood, Brooklyn2
Prospect Park, Brooklyn2
14 Total