888 Seventh Avenue Fledge Report
Divine Fledglings

888 Seventh Avenue Update

The fledgling from the 888 Seventh Avenue nest is in the caring hands of Bobby Horvath.  Details of the fledglings troubles in the plaza of the Ziegfeld Theater, can be found on the websites of the various New York City newspapers.  A fledgling's first few days on the ground can be full of troubles.

Bobby Horvath is a licensed rehabber and will do what is best for the fledgling.  He runs a rescue center on Long Island, Wildlife in Need of Rehab and Rescue, Inc.

His phone number has been placed on the www.palemale.com website along with some very negative and untrue statements about Mr. Horvath.  Please don't harrass Mr. Horvath.  He's got the best interests of the fledgling at heart.