She's Back
Pale Male and Lola

The Whole Family

On Monday evening, the 888 Seventh Avenue family was located around the Mall (a long walkway with American Elms and statues of famous writers) in Central Park.  The juvenile was begging for food, but you could tell her parents knew she was already doing just fine hunting on her own. 

The female and the male were in the same tree when I saw them.  She's on the left and he's on the right.

The male, who had gotten tangled in some pigeon spikes on Central Park South on Saturday, looked just fine which was excellent news.

The juvenile came into a nearby tree.

The juvenile then moved to a street light at the northeast corner of the Sheep Meadow.


It begged for a few minutes.  But it's too old for its parents to be feeding her, so her requests fell on deaf ears.

She circled around the area and end up on a street lamp across the street from the one she had been on.

Her father was in a nearby tree.

He flew off.  By this time, it was too dark to keep tracking them.