New Nest At Inwood Hill
Lower East Side On A Rainy Saturday

Eighth Manhattan Nest

Thanks to a report from Bill Amstutz, the eighth Manhattan Red-tailed Hawk nest has been found on Shepard Hall, up at City College.

James O'Brien confirmed the location of the nest today and has pictures on his blog.

Of the eight known nests in Manhattan, here's what I know...

  • 888 Seventh Avenue, Lots of mating and twigging.
  • 5th Avenue, Looks good and keep your fingers crossed that the recent repairs corrected the problems with the nest.
  • St. John the Divine, New mate and Cathedral construction may cause problems.
  • Highbridge Park, Hawks sighted in area but old nest looks abandoned. There may be a new nest nearby.
  • Inwood Hill Park, New nest in older spot.  Looks great.
  • South Riverside Park, New nest with young parents.  Mixed chances but they seem to be doing well for beginners.
  • Houston Street, Nest just beginning to be worked on.  Time will tell.
  • Shepard Hall, City College, New nest.  Who knows.

In addition to these nests, there are rumors of three possible nest sites, two between the Southern Riverside Park nest and Inwood Hill Park nest along the Hudson, and one around 14th Street and the East River.  I hope we find them.

To a wonderful spring!