Highbridge Nest Rediscovered and General Update
50 Birds in 50 Days Follow Up

Lower East Side

The female is now brooding on the Lower East Side.  Locals report that she seems to be free of the plastic bag that was on her leg on Friday.  Luckily, the male picked up and send to a rehabber a few blocks north of the nest, turns out not to be part of this pair.

I received an email that suggested there was a rush to read her band number.  It was suggested that the school be contacted so someone could look out the window.  I would suggest restraint and wait until the juveniles fledge.

However, if someone wanted to contact the school to help them build an art and science curriculum based on the hawks that might be fantastic.  Hawk Mountain already has a number of coloring books, study guides and teaching outlines.  I had hoped that New York City Audubon already had a curriculum for an inner city school but they don't seem to have one.

Here are some pictures of the male on two buildings and the female's tail, which is the best picture she would give me in the late afternoon.