Broadway Bridge
Eighth Manhattan Nest

New Nest At Inwood Hill

James and I went up to the old nest at Inwood Hill and it looked like it hadn't been touched since last year.  We'd find out later in the afternoon, why!

Failing to find any Red-tailed Hawks, we went to the outlook that has a view up and down the Hudson River. There we found a Red-tailed Hawk hovering and behaving like an Osprey.



The wind was bitterly cold, so we started to walk down to exit the park.  The path we had come up was icy, so we took the alternate path back down.  Halfway down, we discovered the female hawk about 50 feet from a new nest.

The female

Another angle of the female.

The male came with food and cried for his mate to join him.

He kept calling but she wasn't interested.

He flew with the prey around her and then landed on a tree on the other side of the ravine.

She still wasn't interested so he went to the new nest.  It's in Tulip Tree again.



She still didn't join him.  The sun was setting, so we exited the park.  It should be a fun spring up at Inwood.  The new nest doesn't require walking up any hills to watch!