Falconer's Hill
Manhattan Hawk Nest Update

Troubling Observations at Riverside

On Saturday, after a severe spring rain storm on Friday, there were no sightings of the eyasses and very erratic behavior from the parents.

The parents spent a great deal of time off the nest and flying to nearby trees.  On at least two occasions the adult female went through the motions of feeding the young, but had not response from the nestlings.

This nest which was typical of a young couple's first nest.  It was in a bad location, and on an unstable set of branches.  It always seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

I hope our failure to see the eyasses today was only due to them being exhausted from the tossing and turning in the wind and rain on Friday, but I feel that something much worse may have happened.

We should know more on Sunday.

Update: On Sunday, the mother removed a dead eyas from the nest.  The eyas will be sent to Ward Stone at the NYS DEC to determine the cause of death.  The other two eyasses are also presumed to have died as well.