Saturday Afternoon On The Lower East Side
Science Not Emotion

Problem Fledge On Sunday

An eyas fledged today at the Houston and Avenue D nest.  I don't have all of the details yet but it appears the bird was taken away by police.

Fledgling problem such as this are very common in the city, when birds nest outside of parks.  Just after fledging, both young Kestrels and Red-tailed Hawks like to enjoy the ground before flying to safety in trees.

Inexperienced individuals rush to call authorities, who not knowing if the bird is injured, a premature fledge or just a newly fledged and startled bird end up removing it from its parents.

Let's hope the youngster gets to the right individuals, who return it to the Lower East Side after a check up.

Update 6-9-08: The young hawk has been turned over to the correct individuals, who are checking its health.