Pale Male and Lola After The Saturday Thunderstorms
New York Magazine Article

Pale Male on Sunday

Before I went to visit Pale Male, I spent three hours in the North Woods looking for warblers.  It was a good day for early August.  I had four wood warblers, Worm-eating Warbler, Black and White Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, and American Redstart.   I didn't take any photographs, I just birded.  It was a relaxing change.

After birding up at the north end of the park, I went down to the Met, and looked for Pale Male.  Luckily, two photographers had already found him, Nabil and Lincoln.  They're much easier to spot!  He was busy looking at the garden near Cleopatra's Needle, then gave up and flew towards the great lawn.  After stopping for just a few minutes, he went to the ground and caught a very small rodent.

He quickly eat the snack sized creature, "brushed his beak" on a tree limb, and was then off to the north.  However, he quickly returned to his favorite fall perch and went to sleep for the night.  Although the last image may look like daylight, it was already about 20 minutes past sunset.