Pale Male Late on Sunday
Pale Male and Lola Sleep Together

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk and an Accipiter (Warning - Bird being eaten)

The Blue Jays in the park have been making lots of noise these last few weeks.  Most of the time it seems to be a false alarm, but this afternoon they were helpful.  They helped me find a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk and an Accipiter (either a Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-shinned Hawk).  They were west of the Conservatory Garden and east of the Compost Heap.

All of the pictures but the last one are of the Red-tail.  It was eating something with a thin band on each leg.  I didn't stay long enough to see if they got swollowed.






The Accipiter came swooping in and landed on the far side of the Conservatory fence and I couldn't get an I.D.  It flew west.  I ran after it but couldn't find it once I got up to the Compost Heap.