Sunny Sunday
Young vs. Established

Another Rainy Saturday

There was a window of a few hours this afternoon where the rain stopped and I could finally get some birding in.  Between the weather and the end of daylight savings time, it's been difficult to get to the park.

Eastern-screech Owl season begins in a few weeks.  The owls which are very difficult to find in the fall should soon be switching to cavities from daytime tree roosts, where they'll be much easier to find.  I'm not sure if it's the lack of tree leaves, the cold weather or the combination that causes the switch.

There had been reports of occasional owl sightings around The Mall and the Sheep Meadow within the last few months, so I did a loop around the area.  No luck finding an owl today, but I did find this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, just north of the Lawn Bowling Greens.