Great Branching Today
Saturday Reports

Fledge Day

The brancher, came off the nest for a few hours today.  The time off the nest included some time on the ground.  It then returned to the nest in the mid-afternoon and took a nap!

I suspect the weekend will be full of fun activities.  Please be careful around the fledglings.  I saw many birders get too close to the fledgling.  As calm as a fledgling may look, they're easily spooked.  Once startled, they don't have enough experience or flying ability to go to a safe, high spot.  They can easily end up in a bike path or road.

The general precautions include:

  • Giving a new fledgling about 50-100 feet of space.
  • If there is a group of hawk watchers, don't spread out and surround the bird.
  • Don't block the "safe exits".  If you do, you'll end up moving a bird towards a highway or the water.
  • If someone asks you to move, don't be stubborn.  Take their advice and if you think they were being overly careful, calmly discuss the issue once you're away from the bird.
  • Error on the side of caution.  The bird's welfare is more important than your view or photograph.
  • If you are trying to take a picture with a standard point and shoot camera or a cell phone, you're too close.

I'm flying off to Paris tonight.  I can't wait to come back next week and see how our youngsters are doing.  Please feel free to email me your observations while I'm away.