Fledge Day
Empty Nest

Saturday Reports

I'm in Avignon getting ready to start a bike trip in Provence.  

I got a nice report about Saturday's Riverside activities from Jean Dane.  
"I didn't get there til 6:30, but others reported not much action before that – parents didn't feed all day, 2 still in nest, little explorer still doing a little exploring. Some really spiffy flying-hops while I was there – nice landings – and he likes to balance on that little sharp point that's in the clear.

Right after we packed up to leave, bit after 8: one parent arrived with squirrel, poked around in nest for a minute or so and then flew away again, taking squirrel. Then we had both parents flying circles, perching in nearby trees with squirrel bits and flying away again – "you want it? come get it." It was too dark, starting to rain again, so we left, but it was a nice way to end."