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Yellowstone Gray Wolf

I spent about eight hours trying to see a Yellowstone Gray Wolf, and finally did for about 30 seconds.  I only ended up with one fuzzy picture but it was worth it.

Wolves were reintroduced to the Yellowstone in 1995, and have generated interest with the general public since then.  

The "wolfers", are a die hard group of wolf watchers.  Spending a few mornings and afternoons with them, reminded me of what hawk watching is like in New York.   The group had the same spectrum of individuals as the New York hawk watchers, hard-core scientific experts, addicted animal lovers, and casual watchers.  Many of the wolfers plan their Yellowstone vacations around wolf watching or live and/or work in surrounding areas and spend evenings or weekends in the park looking for wolves.

The wolfers have a network, just like the hawk watchers too.  They use radios and the internet to communicate about sightings and keep in touch with each other.

Below are pictures of a morning wolf watching.