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Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

Coyote Continues In Central Park

I'm back from vacation and went by The Pond in the southeast corner of the park after dark looking for the Coyote.  Other than my sighting up at The Pool, most of the other sightings have been from this location.   The Pond is steps away from The Plaza Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman and the flagship NYC Apple store.

To the west of The Pond is Hallett Nature Sanctuary.  This is an area free of the presence of dogs and humans. It would be a perfect place for the Coyote to sleep during the day and was the favorite spot of the 2006 Coyote, Hal.

As luck would have it, I had chosen the right spot and time.  The Coyote came out onto the ice four times.  It played with a bottle, went after some ducks, and eventually disappeared.  It seemed quite shy, hiding in the sanctuary between forays onto the ice.

I frown on giving wild animals or birds names.  But if this new Coyote needs a name, rather than giving it a name like Hal II or Hal Jr., I vote for Urbana as an homage to Arthur C. Clarke and 2001.  It retains a reference to Hal(lett) and includes Urban in the name.