Central Park Coyote
Coyote Continues In Central Park

London Peregrine Falcon Pair

I'm in London on a business trip without my birding equipment, however I had a pleasant experience with a pair of Peregrine Falcons just the same on Saturday afternoon.

I'm staying in a hotel with a view of the British Library and the St. Pancras train station.  As I was waiting for the elevator, a Peregrine flew within twenty feet of the hotel.  After a few minutes, it flew back and perched on St. Pancras's clock tower.

I left the hotel and went in search of the Peregrine.  I couldn't find it, but after about ten minutes saw a Peregrine fly towards a construction crane at Kings Cross.  It landed on top of another Peregrine and they copulated.  The male then returned to the St. Pancras clock tower.

Londoners were like many New Yorkers, that Saturday afternoon.  Other than myself, no one seemed to be aware that birds of prey were in the area, as they rushed to get their trains or the underground.