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Coyote Leaving Central Park's Hallet Sanctuary

Lola Has Started To Brood

Lola has started sitting on her nest on Fifth Avenue off Central Park.  What should be good news is tempered by the knowledge that Pale Male and Lola's have not had a successful nest since 2004. 

We should have other nests active soon in Manhattan, including Inwood Hill Park, Highbridge Park, Riverside Park (with a new nest 20 feet to the northwest of last year's), Morningside Park (the St. John the Divine nest looks active again, Washington Square Park and depending on their mood, 888 Seventh Avenue. 

Let's hope one or two more nests are discovered as well.  There are also rumors of possible nests in east Harlem, the CUNY campus, and Fort Tryon.

The pictures below are of the Fifth Avenue nest on Sunday.