Save The Date, April 10th, Noon - 3:00 p.m.
Young Red-tailed Hawk

Smart Coyote

The coyote had trouble exiting the sanctuary tonight.  As it would leave, someone would end up walking on the path, and it would jump back into sanctuary.  We waited and waited, and of the four of us watching, two gave up. 

Just as I was going to give up, one of those who left, said, the coyote had already left and had been all over the southern end of the park from near the Essex House and up to the playground.  It either used the exit on the other side of the sanctuary or gave us the slip.

We were able to find it coming down a ridge west of the Center Drive.  It then went west down the path that separates the Heckscher Playground from the Heckscher Ballfields.  We then lost it.

For all that waiting, I got a few blurry pictures.  Who would have thought Screech-Owls would be easier to photograph than a much bigger coyote?

One nice thing that has happened over the last few weeks.  The dog walkers and other late night users of the park, don't seem to be worried about the coyote anymore.  Instead, they've gotten excited about trading stories of sightings.  I guess after six weeks, folks realize it just another small town boy or girl, who has moved to the Big Apple to begin their adult life.