Changes at Riverside
Twins or Triplets?

Riverside Nest Hatches

All of the signs from yesterday's visit turned out to be good clues.  Today, I visited the nest around 5:45 and saw feedings at 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  The eyasses are very hard to see now, but should be more apparent by the weekend.

Based on feeding behavior, there are at least two eyasses.  Again, we should know more in a few days if it is two or three.

This is the third nest that is known to have hatched in Manhattan this season.  Highbridge Park and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine nests have already hatched.

The CCNY nest finally seems to be active this year.  We'll see what happens there soon.

Two other Manhattan nests, the Inwood Hill nest and the One Fifth Avenue nest both seem to be having problems.  The Inwood Hill nest was partially destroyed in a storm earlier this spring.  The parents have rebuilt it, but I haven't heard news about them double clutching.  The Washington Square pair seems to be having troubles establishing their nest on One Fifth Avenue. High winds were blowing off the twigs they would bring to the nest.  I haven't heard current news about their attempts for a few weeks.