Highbridge Park Nest
Babies Yet?

Riverside Nest

The first day the Riverside female started sitting on this year's nest was March 8th.  This doesn't mean she laid eggs that day, but it's the day we can start counting forward.  Red-tailed Hawk egg incubation takes between 25-32 days.  Add to that the time it takes to lay eggs and the few days it takes for a hatchling to strong enough to stand up and be spotted, and you might need to add as much as a week more.

So, that puts the nest watch into high gear if my math is correct.  We might see eyasses by next weekend.

The weather wasn't kind over the last month, and the large storm that flooded much of Rhode Island may mean the area will have lots of hawk nest failures.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.  The Riverside nest is the most exposed nest we have in Manhattan.