Riverside on Friday
St. John on Saturday

Sad News At Riverside

In the high wind late today, the Riverside Park nest was destroyed and all three eyasses perished on Saturday in the late afternoon.  Reports from fellow hawk watchers say the eyasses didn't fall out of the nest, but fell with the falling nest. They died as soon as they hit the ground, so they died quickly.

The mother was seen looking where the nest had been, and then flew off.  The father also came by the nest soon after the accident with a rat.  The remains of the nest includes lining material and a half eaten pigeon.

Expect the parents to rebuild the nest, although it is likely that this replacement will not be used until next year, if at all.  The parents were seen copulating on Sunday.

Leslie Day reminded me that two years ago, those eyasses also perished the day before Mother's Day. This family seems to catch all the bad breaks.

This is just another reminder of the high mortality rate for Red-tailed Hawk babies. Over 70% die in their first year.

What remains of the nest.  Picture taken on Sunday, the day after the nest fell.