Three Days At Riverside
First Glimpse Of New Riverside Eyass

Riverside Nest Feeding

I haven't really known what to make of this second nest this year at Riverside.  It is so late in the season, my past experiences with this pair are of no use.

The clues about hatching seem to be there but things don't seem quite right.  The mother and father have changed behavior, but things seem off.  Yes, the mother is not sitting on eggs anymore, but the kids haven't been seen after more than a week, and where is the white wash that would normally be all over the nest after a week of eyasses?

That said, I also know this is a very deep nest, which is next to impossible to photograph.   The eyasses also would have hatched in extreme heat, which may slow their activity.

So, each day I look for clues.  Today, I saw what looked to be a true feeding, not just the mother eating.  A nice positive sign.