Joy On Fifth Avenue
Riverside Park Eyasses Preparing For Take Off

Still Too Little

I was hoping for a glimpse at a 5th Avenue eyass today, but they're still too small.  I suspect this Memorial Day weekend will be a better time to visit.

I received some comments about the previous years nest failures.  It was suggested that in addition to the possibility of Lola being infertile over the last few years, it still could have been the cradle.  The hypothesis being that after all these years the nest was finally built up high enough to prevent drafts/heat loss from the metal cradle.  While this is a possibility, there have been a number of successful fire escape and air conditioner nests in the New York City area over the last few years.  Since most of these nests worked their first year, and were similar to the cradle, I would place my bets on Lola being the problem.  The nest isn't that much higher than last year, and the biggest variable that changed was Lola being replaced by another mate.