It Looks Like Two At St. John The Divine
Missed Seeing A Fuzzy Head

Washington Square Eyass Easy To Watch

Although the eyass at Washington Square still sleeps a great deal, the young bird is now fairly easy to watch from the park.  I don't follow the chat rooms of the webcam, but I understand there is a lot of needless worrying.

Relax folks and enjoy the view.  As the juvenile feathers grow in, watch how they appear.  If you use a diagram like the one in Sibley's Birding Basics, you can watch each group of feathers grow in and really understand how everything works.

Watch the mother feel more and more comfortable leaving the eyass alone.  Observe how the mother begins to encourage the eyass to feed itself.  Watch the mother show her white patch on her head, to trigger the father to release food he's brought.  Watch the eyass begin to practice wing flapping and jumping.  Observe and learn and don't worry.