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Riverside Park Park Has Fledged

Quiet Zones in Central Park

In the June 2nd, New York Times there was an editorial entitled, Quiet? In New York City?.  This editorial claimed that the declaration of the Bethesda Fountain area as a Quiet Zone and enforcement of this regulation, was somehow a class war between rich people and poor musicians.

Anyone who birds in the Ramble knows that last year the noise from Bethesda Fountain made birding by ear impossible during the spring and summer. I would encourage all birders to write The New York Times' Editorial Department and tell the Times that the quiet zone regulations are very sensible and are supported by those individuals who appreciate the restorative properties of the natural areas of the park.

This isn't about cracking down on a few "poor, struggling, musicians", but is about regulating the park intelligently so that it can be enjoyed by the widest number of people, some of whom enjoy the sounds of nature over the sounds of man.