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Central Park West Drama

After receiving reports that the Central Park West had been taken down, I went to the park today to look for the hawks.  You can imagine my surprise when I found a hawks sitting on a slightly smaller nest than I had seen on the weekend.   (It's not clear if the female has laid eggs just yet, or will be in the next few days.)

When I got home, folks on the WSP chat room directed me to the Pale Male Irregulars website.  It had news of destruction of the nest by the construction company working on the fa├žade. There was also a story in the New York Post.

Lets hope the hawks can rebuild the nest in time to make a good go of it this year.

Update: 4/11/13.  I was sent a photograph today that showed the female sitting on the ledge with one egg having rolled away from her.  Without a proper nest bowl, she may have had to choose to incubate only one egg.