Washington Square Park
Gyrfalcon and Short-eared Owl

More Washington Square Park

I got up early on a Saturday to visit Washington Square Park hoping for a Valentine's Day love fest, only to have a very, cold morning watching Bobby.  His potential mate did arrive in the early afternoon, but only for a brief interval.

My team at the office is doing major upgrade to one of core I.T. systems, and I had to run into the office briefly to offer my support.  While I was gone, I get a few texts that the two hawks were sitting together on One Fifth Avenue.  Just my luck!

When I got back to the park, there was no sign of either hawk and it began to snow so I gave up for the day.

The pictures on a Spanish tile roof are of the new female.  She has light coloring under her eyes, something distinct from Bobby's features.  As time goes one, I'm sure we'll find more and more field marks to tell them apart.