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Trouble On The Lower East Side

On Friday, Tompkins Square Park bird watchers discovered the hawk nest had been removed from the seventh floor air conditioner of the Christodora House. In its place was a strip of pigeon spikes.

On Saturday and Sunday the hawks, which the locals have named Christo and Dora, worked overtime to start rebuilding the nest.

Irregardless of the ethics or legalities surrounding the removal of an established nest during the winter, we're now in a difficult situation. 

If the co-op owner, management company or a construction crew had a legitimate reason to remove the nest, their recent actions haven't dissuaded the hawks from moving.  So, will the building just torture the hawks by removing the nesting materials each week until spring?  That certainly would be cruel.

And if the nest is now left as is, will the pigeon spike cause a problem for the eyasses safety this spring?

I suspect this situation will end up being escalated to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  Let's hope that either the building is forced to let the hawks continue nesting on the Christodora House or if the hawks are to be evicted, that old nest site is properly prepared so the hawks begin to find an alternate nesting location as soon as possible.