Great Manhattan Nest Checklist For 2015
Exchanges At The Beresford

Beresford Nest, Yes Nest

After years of The Beresford's east facing SE tower window oval being a favorite spot of Pale Male and Lola's, this year it has become a nest site for a pair of hawks.  Although a pair tried to nest there last year, it had looked like Pale Male had reclaimed the tower.

So, when reports came in this year that hawks had returned to the tower, I was skeptical. But today, I saw the male visit and watched the brooding female sit on her eggs.

How great is it that Central Park has at least three nesting Red-tailed Hawks this season. (I say at least three, because yet again we have lots of hawk activity around 106th and Fifth again.)  This nest brings this season confirmed Manhattan nest count to 12!