Sheep Meadow
Washington Square Nest

Too Many Nests

We have so many Red-tailed Hawk nests in New York City, I can't follow all of them anymore.  But I did get to a few this weekend.  I visited Sheep Meadow and Fifth Avenue on Saturday and all is good there.  And I visited St. John and Riverside/West End on Sunday.

(For news of the uptown nests, visit the Morningside Hawks Blog.)

The St. John nest is in a new location on a turret above the statue of St. Peter on the rear of the Cathedral. It's one saint to the left of St. Andrew, where the nest has been for a number of years.  Construction of two new apartment buildings most likely encouraged the move.  The new nest is not protected from the rain, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

The nest on West End Avenue looked fine.  The female was visible for a few minutes about every twenty minutes.