Obsessed with Fifth Avenue
Quick Glimpses of An Eyass at Fifth Avenue

2016 Manhattan Nests - Update 5

Please email with any corrections or additions.

Updates are:

  • Highbridge nest may have moved, so I've put it in the possible nest category.
  • J. Hood Wright Park, CCNY, St. John, Fifth Avenue, and 72 Street have all hatched.
  • There is a delightful photograph of the 72nd Street eyasses and their mother in the West Side Rag.
  • Inwood Hill Park has most likely hatched, but I haven't received confirmation yet.

Updates after posting: The 8 East 96th Street nest appears to have failed after the nest fell apart, two eyasses confirmed at 116th and Riverside, and one egg has hatched as Washington Square Park.

Hawks 2016-5