Tompkins Square Park Nest
Washington Square Park Eyass

2017 Nest Update 5

Changes from the last report:

  • The 95th and Lexington nest has been abandoned
  • The J. Hood Wright Park nest has hatched according to observers
  • The Grant's Tomb has at least two eyasses
  • The Washington Square nest had an eyass die.  The current pair have had three nests.
    • In 2015 the nest produced 2 healthy fledglings
    • In 2016 there were two unhatched eggs and while one eyass fledged suscessfully, it had problems with late feather growth.
    • In 2017, there was one unhatched egg, one eyass that died in the first week and one hopefully healthy eyass.

The decline of the success rate for the Washington Square nest makes one question if there is a problem with the environment around the park.   We might be seeing the effects of low levels of rodenticides or some other agent.

Hawks 2017-5