Kirtland's Warbler
2018 Manhattan Nest Update 9

350 Update

It looks like the St. John nest may have failed this year and I've been worried about the new 350 Central Park West nest as well.  Luckily, I realized that the late hatching of the 350 Central Park West nest may be OK.  I first saw the female sitting on the nest on April 6th.   The eggs hatch between 28-35 days after being laid.   That would put the hatch at May 11th for the first egg.  However, female hawks can sit a few days before they start laying eggs and the eggs don't all get laid at once.  So, we need to add about a week more after the May 11th date, as the outside hatch date.

So keep your figures crossed for the 350 Central Park West nest.  It's not uncommon for a new nest to fail, so we should be prepared for a failure, but hope for the best.