Second Fledgling At Fifth Avenue
Feeding and Food Fight on 95th Street

The Crying Game At Grant's Tomb

The remaining fledgling at Grant's Tomb is still too healthy to catch.  It flew easily between the current nest to the old nest and back this afternoon.  Until it gets weaker or hungry/thirsty it can't be caught.  So, the Urban Park Rangers just have to wait.  They're consulting with an experienced rehabber and they are monitoring the bird ever day.

The fledgling cries when the Peregrine Falcons go by and cries while looking at its mother's favorite perch.  Just like a crying human baby, the sounds are difficult to listen to.  They make you want to do something. But in this case "The Crying Game" is really "A Waiting Game".  The bird needs to wear itself out and come to the ground and let itself be caught.

So, for now doing nothing is the best thing that can be done. Sadly, the fledgling needs to let itself be caught, something we can't do for it.

I suspect the fledgling will get captured on Saturday or Sunday.

Update: From Susan Kirby via Twitter on Saturday: "Third Grant's Tomb red-tailed #hawk fledgling rescued and on way to #WINORR. Thanks, Rangers Rob Mastrianni and Dan Tainow, and Bobby Horvath. Love this baby!"